Your Friendly Local

Your Friendly Local is an exhibition that hosted continued non-time specific performances which spread throughout the Chalton gallery, the Cock Tavern pub and the corner’s Off License shop. By confronting the ambiguities and expectations of each space with the work, the ideologies of the different spaces are confused, blurring the roles during decision making. If the performance is in the pub, does that turn everyone else into audience? Can I place a painting between crisps at the off license, and would I be able to buy it? Can I serve alcohol in the gallery but remove the talk, remove the social? Exploring the notion of durational aesthetics, I designed different actions to happen at certain times in the different contexts. 


Performers: Sara Stanbæk, Luli Pérez, HyunGi Park, Jungyoon Hyen, DahHyun Im, Kyungmin Sophia Son, Demelza Watts, Caterina Gobbi. 

Photography: Karolina Matuskova

Film: Nicholas Middleton

Special thanks to Javier Calderón and Finn Thomson