Minced Meat 

Loosely inspired by the French revolution and specifically on the anecdote of privileged members of the fallen aristocracy putting on free banquets for the people on the streets to gain their favour, fearing that they would suffer a similar fate to the royalty. Taking this process to millennial capitalism ( a sort of Instagramable financial capitalism), Minced Meat offers one of the most unaccessible foods at the time, meat, that is today exploited by the food industry and brought to you by "the sponsor" (which is in this narrative millennial capitalism). You can in fact take a souvenir selfie with the sponsor at the selfie spot. The bread auction references class divisions playing with the term "upper crust" which will be auctioned first, then the middle bits of the loaf, the burnt bottom, etc. The whole piece tries to shake and confuse conceptions of class through food, adapt historical narratives to contemporary references and hopefully question our hypocritical or skeptical relationship to what I coined as millennial capitalism.

Performers: Analisa Fernandes, Sara Stenbæk, Vicky Samuel

Forum: Of Hosts & Guests curated by Katherine Finerty and organised by Open Space. Photo Credit: Ben Peter Catchpole, Courtesy of Open Space