The Reluctant Goodbye

The Reluctant Good Bye is a site-specific performance in which I make ice cubes with an ice cube mold to then throw them at the Arctic sea. The piece is a desperate gesture towards the vastness of the climate crisis, a domestic approach to an unalterable outdoors. Like an anxious joke, the piece is a ridiculous attempt to restrain global warming.

What is our capacity as citizens with no apparent competence to affect such seemingly distant issues? Can we summon change from the domestic? I intend to challenge the power of small gestures with a romantic pilgrimage to the North. The Reluctant Good Bye is a constant effort towards a cause perceived as lost. With the anxiety of a widow who mourns for his lost lover, I propose a proactive grieving for the lost ice. However The Reluctant Good Bye is not about failure, it’s about hope.

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