Nora Silva


to Sep 12

MilesKm PACTO Residency in Athens

PACTO is a research project that aims to explore communal negotiation of autonomy. 

PACTO will encourage a dynamic dialogue around how artistic action can be a vehicle for enquiry and an apparatus for creating lines of agonistic discourse and empathy building. PACTO is looking to pose a proposition: What is communal negotiation of autonomy? 

From the 4th to the 12th of September we will be in Athens. We plan to host and participant in various events, workshops, discussions and talks while we are in Greece. Watch this space for more info coming up.

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to Sep 3

LOST SENSES Exhibition at Guest Projects

Curated with Isabel Blanco-Fernandez
Nora Silva, Finn Thomson & Paloma Proudfoot - Minced Meat

The event will be a four act meal narrating a political fiction about appropriation, destruction and effrontery. Food will be served during the play to illustrate the scenes and contribute to the story telling.

Act 1 - It's the Real Thing - food tree, suits, post-truth
Act 2 - The Bread Auction - bread, auctioneer, butter, wig, bids
Act 3 - Minced Meat - riot, meatballs, splash sauce, ceramics, opera singer
Act 4 - Live Bolder - selfies, minced pies, momentum

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